The HSC team is committed to improving our members' health and fitness through functional movement techniques to support strength in movements that are common at work, home, and in sports. We are passionate about expanding our members' knowledge about fitness while working with them to achieve their goals and ideal versions of themselves. At HSC we teach proper functional lifting techniques and dynamic movements that are beneficial for improving heart health, as well as strengthening joints, muscles, and bones to reduce the risk of physical injuries. We provide Sports Strength and Conditioning, where we work with athletes and teams of all ages to increase their competitive edge to be a dominant force in their sport. HSC specialises in hockey skills where we firmly believe in teaching athletes proper formation and hockey IQ at a young age in order to reduce risk of musculoskeletal imbalances through compound movements, proper body and hand formations, in addition to cultivating an elite sense of vision. We equip our sports members with insight, knowledge, training, and skill development to be an elite force in the game. Our love of fitness goes beyond sport as mobility, flexibility, and balance are important aspects for a higher quality of life at any age. Based on your lifestyle and current physical abilities we work with you to create a program that will produce desired results and positively impact your life. We are committed to our members' growth through long-term sustainable implementations of strength and conditioning exercises. HSC is a community of sports, health, and fitness enthusiasts who strive to be the best versions of themselves and provide support and expertise for others on their journey.

our core values


Ensuring our company's integrity is an important factor that makes our company able to perform at the highest standard. We maintain confidentiality with our members and share complete, honest and accurate information. It is our aim to generate an environment of trust through mutual respect and caring where everyone feels welcome and is excited to fulfill their fitness goals.


Consistency is key to success. It is an important aspect to building healthy habits that creates long-term change and improvement. We are committed to encouraging our members and take  consistent action to achieve consistent results.


We believe there is strength in numbers. It is our priority to work with our members at the level they are at and help implement strategies to achieve their desired level of fitness.  


We are committed to expanding our knowledge through constantly learning new and innovative techniques. We seek to share our knowledge and contribute to the mental and physical growth of our members through application.


We place high emphasis on building high quality relationships with our members based on open and honest communication. This allows for a cultivation of authenticity and creates space for growth and progress.


We are focused on long-term thinking. We train using proper formations and techniques to increase muscles along with joint strength to ensure optimal health and athleticism at any age. We aspire to increase the quality of life of our members through providing exercises and movements that support them throughout their life.


We strongly believe in play in order to build confidence, creativity, cooperation, and increase levels of compete within our members. Opportunities for play is a vital factor for development as an unstructured element that fuels imagination and problem solving abilities. HSC aims to provide our members with free play to allow for full expression of unique skill and performance, while providing a safe space to try new techniques for optimal growth.


At HSC we believe in building a complete athlete. We nurture athletic development and encourage playing multiple sports in youth to foster speed, strength, power, coordination, balance, lateral movement, agility, and quickness disguised as play. We encourage being a complete athlete and using multiple dynamic movements in order to avoid overuse and reduce risks of injuries.

the team

HSC provide members with an experienced, highly qualified coaching staff with collegiate and professional backgrounds. We are consistently learning new techniques and always teaching best practices to cultivate a community of learning to achieve every health and fitness goals desired by our members. We are passionate about helping members achieve their dreams and the best versions of themselves through healthy and sustainable practices.

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