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HSC and Hockey Skills was created to guide hockey players through specialized training programs, that would give them an edge during their hockey careers, and advance them closer to their hockey goals/dreams. I can relate to this, as I had a challenging yet successful hockey journey… successful in the sense that I enjoyed playing the sport I loved for many years and for many different teams, however, it was challenging as I did not utilize the right tools, knowledge, or resources, to chase my hockey dreams. Growing up playing hockey, I relied on myself to access hockey knowledge and create specific training programs, to increase my hockey skills. HSC and Hockey Skills is establishing trust in the program, as it produces elite athletes every year, playing in the WHL, Pro level, and NCAA.

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Puck Confidence

Do you lack the confidence to carry, pass, or shoot the puck? Try HSC Shooting and stick handling sessions to be an elite stick puck handler

hockey iq

Does your team struggle with what to do or where to go doing games? bring them to HSC's Video Classroom, complete with a projector and smart board to watch your team's games. Or sit down individually with one of HSC's Coaches and watch your personal shifts and receive feedback.

first Step Quickness

Are you losing races in the first few steps? HSC's Sport Programs help build STRONG and FAST muscle fibers that will keep you ahead of the competition

gym fees

Maximize your time and money with HSC's Elite Programs that include sport specific strength and skill training 







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I have had the pleasure of being able to train with HSC since the doors opened. I have seen myself grow as an athlete and as a person, throughout my time working alongside Coach Hagel. By constantly learning and progressing, I have become very proud to train at HSC and i look forward to being continually pushed while working towards my hockey goals.


This past off-season was my first time working with Josh at HSC and it was awesome. The hockey-specific training and movements done in the workouts, along with stick handling and shooting program, have been very beneficial to my game. Everything you do here is designed to make you a better hockey player. That along with the great atmosphere, makes it a very enjoyable and productive workout.


I had a great experience with HSC. The HSC provided me with a variety of exercises and workouts to do each session as well as a warmup and a cool down to ensure I kept my body healthy. HSC was a safe and fun environment for me to learn and grow. Thanks to HSC I was able to increase my foot speed, and explosiveness, and put on some weight so I was able to compete in the WHL this past year.


I choose HSC because I value my time in the off-season as much as I do in-season. my overall growth as a hockey player has improved every day, strength, speed, skill, and midset have gotten me to the top of my game.


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